In a world where shadows often loom,

There stands a figure, dispelling gloom.

Mary Trump, with insight and grace,

Sheds light on darkness, a challenging race.

With words that weave through past and pain,

Her tales on "The Good in Us" remain.

A beacon for those who seek to find,

The brighter parts of the human mind.

Her wisdom stretches, far and wide,

A psychologist's journey, with nothing to hide.

From family feuds to the inner self,

She explores our psyche, a mental health elf.

In "Backstory Serial," charm unfolds,

Stories of yesteryears, bravely told.

With each chapter, a new revelation,

Mary invites us to a heartfelt celebration.

Educated and bold, with a PhD,

She navigates life's seas, a captain free.

Her critique, though sharp, aims to heal,

With "Too Much and Never Enough" revealing the real.

But beyond the critique and the family fame,

Mary Trump seeks a much higher aim.

To highlight the good, the light in us all,

To catch us, embrace us, whenever we fall.

So here's to Mary, with a pen so bright,

Illuminating paths, making futures light.

Her journey's not easy, a turbulent quest,

But she sails forth, her heart beating in her chest.

For in her stories, both joy and strife,

Mary Trump pens the essence of life.

A tribute to resilience, a voice so true,

She reminds us of the good we can do.

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NY3 is just another example of just how deep the shit is that Republicans are in. They fucked up royally on immigration when they blew up the best deal they were ever going to see. They fucked up when they doubled down on Dobbs. They fucked up when they gave total fealty to the fraudulent rapist that leads their cult. November could be a rout.

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The Souzzi win was fabulous. I like his playbook. I also like Biden's playbook--he just needs to show it off more. Donald is so deep into pooh, he may not be able to keep his head above it after this week. I sure hope the Fairy Godmother in the SCOTUS grants Jack's 39 page wish!

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As much as I hate to say it, I'm starting to think that the NYT and WaPo are trying to help Trump get elected because it is so good for their business model. After 2020 the Post lost a huge amount of new subscribers who had started after Trump was elected. Simply put, he's good for clicks and subscriptions and they're willing to risk our democracy for it.

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Mary I LOVE LOVE how you simply call him "donald". We love you up here in Canada. Stay well.

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I said to my husband last evening before the results started coming in that Souzzi would win by a comfortable margin.

- I’m a life long democrat and I wish the immigration bill would be brought to the floor and passed. I think it’s out of control also. I said last year that the border is the only Republicans issue for them run on because Abortion and Guns are not a winning issue anymore in the general election. The only reason why they are for them is because their big donors insist on it, and a significant amount of their 25% shrinking base is too. We should ram it down their throats that the strongest border bill ever was killed by the Republicans not Democrats. Let’s run head-on into that message. The Republicans know they’re in trouble on immigration because it’s obvious now that they have always wanted the problem to fundraise and campaign on. How cruel! It will be interesting because most Americans are sick of the do nothing Republican Congress and are no longer fooled. The bipartisan immigration bill exposed them.

Laura Trump being nominated to the RNC by Donald is just another grift to make sure the RNC money goes his way. Also any Republican up for reelection who says any truth about Donald, votes against how he wants you to vote, or is critical in any way will not get money to campaign on from the RNC. Donald will make sure Laura does that. It’s a total takeover of Congress to only do what Donald wants which is lie for him and keep the border a mess. There will be no more independent thinking Republican Congressmen. This is terrifying!

Laura Trump in the RNC also makes sure the Trump family gets paid well by donors.

This is all because Donald acts like a mob boss that if you don’t lie for him or vote like he wants you to, you get no RNC money. The Republicans care more about being re-elected than doing the right thing!

I also think Donald is sending cryptic messages in his speeches to Putin to help him again! We need NATO and Putin doesn’t want any help for Ukraine. These people are fighting and dying everyday and the Republicans are playing politics. It’s sickening!

My 2-cents plus some!

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Mary, Thank you. The Native American tribes in AZ and NV need to be registered as Democrats! Their homes are isolated in the great American west and are on dirt and gravel roads.. Their votes will matter in these swing states.

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The NY Times was all in for Trump in 2016 when they covered every one of his rallies on page 1, while relegating Hillary to page 15, if she was covered at all.

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Mary, thanks for your analysis of the New York special election. I found what you said about immigration especially interesting. On my Substack, "The Storm. By Norm", my latest post, “Double-Crossed At the Border”, addresses border issues from the perspective of someone who actually lives near the border, namely me. I have often wished that Democrats would stop letting Republicans beat their brains out over immigration and the border without fighting back.

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After Johnson signaled his refusal to bring the Senate bipartisan immigration bill to the floor of the House but voted to impeach Mayorkas for failing to enforce immigration, they pulled a Josh Hawley and will run for the hills on Friday for a two-week break. They won't return until Feb. 28 but the next date for government funding legislation is March 1. More evidence they can't govern.

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Ridding this country of automatic weapons, fixing a corrupt and illegitimate Supreme Court, ending voter suppression laws and gerrymandering, protecting a woman’s right to control her own body, creating a fair and equitable tax structure, re-establishing the Fairness Act, ensuring free and honest elections in every state, ridding ourselves of the Electoral College, making education better and more affordable, strengthening election laws and the Constitution to protect us from another trump. This would be just the beginning of what we could do for the health and welfare of the American people if the Republican Party was voted out of existence. Minority rule is killing America and Americans.

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A staggering defeat for Republicans. Hope and belief in Donnie's coming defeat are taking up residence in my psyche.

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I love your trenchant observations about the corporate media. I think they are keeping the false

drama going because they have to earn their paychecks.

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Thank you dear Mary Trump for outstanding reporting. ❤️

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It just might be looking up, this seat was giving to a Democrat, just hope the rest of the America

following. Hopefully it will be a nighmare for the Repubician Party, which is following old Orange Uncle Donnie, where they all need to be, flushed down the drain. Hopefully, the people will be

woke when then they go to the poles. We all can't be sleeeping then. We all need and must get

out and do the right thing this time. Vote from all hte mountain tops of the United States. Let's

all stay free and safe from harm. We all owe that to ourselves and our families..

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Excellent analysis, Mary! So glad I subscribed!

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