It's Been Awhile

I took a break from Good Human of the Week because we kept getting the same results: Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people which, of course, was exactly as it should have been. Today I’m bringing the poll back because, in the midst of continuing horrors both domestic and international, there are still a lot of people out there doing awesome things.

But first, some pictures of the pets, because I haven’t been posting those either.

Meet Doja. My daughter wanted to get her own kitten so we adopted this sweet feral little girl from a town shelter. She was about four months old and had been in there for five days where she’d been tested, spayed, vaccinated, and chipped. Suffice it to say she was traumatized. This is her when she first landed at Avary’s apartment, still afraid and needing her own space:

Doja in her cat cave

And here she is a couple of months later—totally owning the place: affectionate, happy, and very spoiled:

Doja, recharging

And the rest:

Sebastian taking a bath
Cap watching Sebastian taking a bath
Linden being Linden

Nemo, apparently, is not ready for her close-up.

Almost six weeks ago Russia illegally invaded Ukraine without provocation or justification. Since then, the Ukrainian people, led by President Zelenksyy, have been waging a fierce battle against a bigger, stronger aggressor while Russia has been committing war crimes. So let’s stipulate that Zelensky and his people are always the good humans of the week.

Who else do you think deserves a vote this week?