Excellent Summary of The Shit Storms Of Past Recent Years and like you Mary, I feel this year won't be a trainwreck as recent years have been, unlike younger generations before, Gen Z is becoming far more politically involved than any of past 5 generations, This is good news, Blue young people outnumber red young people 4 to 1. Thank you for the summary and I will keep it in mind Love Peace Respect

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I’ve posted this poem to several forums today. Come what may, we need to be resilient and hopeful. It is how we win: with love and courage.

“This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.”

- Rumi, The Guest House.

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I absolutely don’t want to be a wet sponge. To call negativity into being. To drown out hope when it is the thing we as humans need the most - especially in trying times. AND. I don’t really pray, but I am wishing and HOPING hard that this year isn’t ’as bad’. But shelters and care facilities are inundated with COVID cases & deaths. And the fact that ableism and ageism and right wing propaganda are so steeped in the veins of America leads me to believe that we are in for a 4th year of THOUSANDS lives lost per week … we are at roughly 400 dead a day. And China’s situation will soon come into play (both fiscally and physically). I think I so loved ‘ Good Human of the Week’ because I am desperate to believe that as a collective; we CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. And so much of what I’ve seen says just the opposite. This includes what I’ve seen coming from the political right. The necessary disbanding of the January 6 Committee and subpoena retractions made me sick to my stomach. SCOTUS is like a circle of hell I can’t even contemplate at this point. And as ineffectual as Rs in the House will be; they WILL NOT BE the D lead House run by Nancy Pelosi. And that is going to make things uglier than I think people realize.

The war in Ukraine shows no signs of calming. And I saw a whole lot of hatred amongst my fellow Americans during the supposed ‘holiday season’ this year.

Mental health issues are at what seems to me to be an all time low. And so few of us have the appropriate health insurance to receive the treatment that is needed.

I am worried. And at the root is not even all the outward SIGNS and SYMPTOMS of the problem. At the root is this sense that rugged American individualism has taken a cancerous turn toward ‘I’m here for mine and to h$&& with anyone else’.

I want to be a part of the goodness. The kindness. The compassion. So I will HOPE as hard as possible. I will listen to folk music. I will do my best to keep ‘my side of the street clean’ so to speak. AND. I am worried. Because peace and love are now more often mockery than aspiration.

I wish you all peace, health, safety and hope. We have to count on each other.

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Mary, thank you for your optimistic outlook. I also hope 2023 is better than I fear.

Take Care.

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Mary, Thank you for the uplifting & (dare I say it) hopeful message for the new year. I agree with you 100%! And may I also say It's about time! FYI I loved the Nerd Avengers show in LA. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!! Happy New Year to you & yours and to the Nerd Avengers, I never miss it. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!

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Happy New Year, Mary. I cautiously share your optimism.

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I also share your optimism. Happy New Year.

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Mary, you think well and you understand your psychopathic uncle. He is a menace.

A suggestion, Mary. What’s up with his GOP colleagues and their political supporters?

Fascism is sick stuff.

Prejudice is a dynamic. Fear and ignorance rule in the prejudiced.

Fear and a grotesque insecurity characterize your emotionally disturbed uncle. He’s never done anything of value. Never. He is uneducated. He hides his transcripts. He failed in school. His sycophants pander to him. That’s what dictators count on. See Hitler and his fascistic teacher: Mussolini. Those guys destroyed Europe. Putin would do the same - with GOP support led by NATO enemy Trump.

So - let’s key up understanding for 70 million fascists willing to follow the leader: Trump - to a graveyard.

Michael Dean Cohen Esq., gets it, too. You two are 100% right.

Mary, get going on national racial issues. We’re a sick country in a long slide.

On Tyranny is terrific. Team with Tim and Michael for a short sweet writing that nails.

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We need a year that resolves, that shines a light of truth, that purges venality with toothed justice and accounting. I hope this is that year, that the menaces of leveraged untruth begin to be broken up and splintered like shards of ice opened to the sun.

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I feel more optimistic about 2023 as well. I think the GOP has overplayed their hand and will crater under that weight to the benefit of the rest of us who want a better, more inclusive future for everyone.

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Thank you Mary, and Happy New Year!

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Dear Mary L Trump,

Thank YOU for being You, and using your "gifts" to communicate with us. You've made your Dad Fred so proud to make sense and give HOPE to those like me to make sense of the unbelievable times we've been living through, and now to give Hope to. You're a Blessing and I wish YOU a Very Happy New Year and please Keep it coming! Nice to know there's a Good "Trump" that actually Helps people.

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When someone who has lived too close to an ongoing family trainwreck like your uncle steps forward to tell really hard truths speak about hope, it carries credibility. So I, with my backgtound of security analysis caution, will join you!

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Very well said. Agree with your sentiments about 2023. Thanks for the beautiful pic.

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We have a Covid count. Time for a consequences count.

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May this be a year of karma.

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