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Sea Smoke

Ice floes and an exploding tree or two


My day got derailed by the necessity of getting some heat back into our apartment—a task made more difficult by the 60-mile-an-hour gusts coming in off the partially frozen Bay where, in the distance, I could see massive waves that rarely come to the north shore. I have never seen anything like it here—the Bay a frozen tundra like the bleak landscape in the final scene of Frankenstein.

A couple of space heaters and a disturbing amount of firewood later, everybody is starting to thaw and Cap, who didn’t get any sleep last night because of the brutal winds lashing against the windows and the occasional tree that exploded when water trapped inside of it expanded rapidly because of the plummeting temperatures, is finally relaxing.

Night Cap 1

And so am I.

Night Cap 2

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm.

The Good in Us by Mary L. Trump
The Good in Us by Mary L. Trump
Mary L Trump